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Review: Going The Distance

Posted by David at 22:26 on 12 Sep 2010
Going The Distance
With Hollywood searching for new and exciting twists on the traditional romcom, Nanette Burstein's Going The Distance looks at the ins and outs of long-distance relationships. To the film's credit, it is accurate in its depictions of this type of relationship - as a man in one, I can vouch for the hardship of long distance love. However, the film itself is disappointingly run-of-the-mill and occasionally bores with its bog-standard presentation.

Review: (500) Days Of Summer

Posted by Ali at 17:25 on 30 Aug 2009
(500) Days Of Summer
Ever been in love? Ever had your heart broken? Ever spent over 48 hours in nothing but your dressing gown, surrounded by empty bowls of cereal and tissues and bottles of whisky? Then you'll relate to (500) Days Of Summer.

Review: Broken Embraces

Posted by Anna at 16:16 on 01 Sep 2009
Broken Embraces
Penelope Cruz isn't a human being, she's a work of art. Spanish auteur Pedro Almodovar certainly recognises this and Broken Embraces is a love letter to Ms Cruz's exquisite face. It radiates from the screen, sorrowful and fragile at times, occasionally gleeful or mischievous, but always enchanting.

14 movie romances that are actually incredibly creepy

Posted by Ali at 02:12 on 01 Aug 2009
14 movie romances that are actually incredibly creepy
How many times have you been dragged to a romantic comedy only to realise something is very, very wrong with the whole concept? Time was, you'd agree to see a rom-com on the promise of sex, wait until the heroine realises her boyfriend is an asshole, then you'd take your girl home to show her what true love was really all about. (*chest bump*)

Review: The Ugly Truth

Posted by Ali at 20:15 on 02 Aug 2009
The Ugly Truth
Put down that well-thumbed copy of Cosmo, gentlemen: here we have a rom-com that finally promises to preach 'the truth' about love. Thank goodness! It's a well-known fact that, until Richard Curtis invented the romantic comedy, men and women didn't have the first clue how to pro-create - they basically just walked around with th...

Review: The Proposal

Posted by Rich at 12:31 on 27 Jul 2009
The Proposal
The Proposal is a strange film. It's exactly what you'd expect of an update to Gérard Depardieu's Green Card and yet for every occasion when it complies with one of the inevitable clichés demanded by its genre, there's a moment of subtle character development that implies that its creators really should be producing a stronger p...

Review: Let The Right One In

Posted by Steven at 23:05 on 04 May 2009
Let The Right One In
The world hasn't come down yet from the whole Twilight extravaganza: not only is the sequel in production, it seems that they are getting ready to prepare parts three and four of the franchise. But before Twilight fever sinks its fangs in us again, along comes a vampire movie cut from a different cloth entirely. Let the Right...

Review: I Love You, Man

Posted by Ali at 12:27 on 04 May 2009
I Love You, Man
Just how likeable is Paul Rudd? Let's put it this way: I rate all my friends in units of Rudd. (That guy? He's a three-Rudder. Her? Half a Rudd. And so on.) I'm hard pushed thinking of another comedian that comes across as quite so effortlessly chummy on screen, which is why the concept of Paul Rudd trying to find a male best fr...

Review: Marley & Me

Posted by Ali at 22:45 on 11 Mar 2009
Marley & Me
Rather like how Jennifer Aniston 'comedy' The Break-Up wasn't actually a comedy at all, the former Friend is heading up another fake-out - sold as a warm and bright shaggy rom-com, Marley & Me is actually a thoroughly depressing drama following man, woman and hound as they grow old together. Cat people likely won't give two smal...

Review: Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Posted by Anna at 20:14 on 24 Feb 2009
Confessions Of A Shopaholic
It seems that any female New Yorker worthy of screen time must be a writer or an aspiring writer - see: Betty Suarez (Ugly Betty), Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City), Andy Sachs (The Devil Wears Prada) - so we're already on familiar ground with Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), a journalist in the Big Apple. Rebecca starts out...
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