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  • DVD weekly: Skins – series six

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 23rd April 2012

    Sure, I know the Skins. What, you think I'm too old to enjoy E4? Listen, I once downloaded a Professor Green song. They call them songs, right, the hip-hoppers? Not jams or joints or whatever?

  • New Year, New Shows? No.

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 3rd January 2011

    The British are coming, the British are coming. (fnar)

  • Made In Dagenham

    Movie Review | Oli | 25th October 2010

    Call it 'faction', call it 'docudrama'... call it what you will, but cinema is currently full of dramatic recreations of meaningful moments of history (and it'll only become fuller in the run up to the Oscars). Director Nigel Cole is on home turf in this forum, after finding prominence helming Calendar Girls in 2003; like riding a bike, he shows the skills employed to direct in this genre cannot be forgotten.