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  • Terribrill: Masters Of The Universe

    Movie Feature | Ali | 12th September 2011

    Forget '80s nostalgia: I don't think there was EVER a time when making a live-action He-Man movie was considered a good idea. The kids cartoon - which, let's face it, none of us have watched in decades for fear of discovering just how shoddy and completely balls it actually was - is basically the same dumb story, over and over. The characters are barely even one-dimensional: there's a bowl-cutted himbo with a big sword who's constantly fighting an angry skeleton to save a sorceress dressed like a peacock. Why? Because kids are idiots, that's why. They'll sit open-mouthed and gawp at this stupid shit every Saturday morning, so it stands to reason they'd pay good pocket money to go see the movie, too.

  • Terribrill: Demolition Man

    Movie Feature | Ali | 5th September 2011

    I love Demolition Man dearly, despite it quite probably being Not A Very Good film. It's as lovable as it is laughable, and has the unique characteristic of being dated on two levels – in both its 'present day' scenes in 1996 and its futuristic setting of 2032. In the oeuvre of Sly, however – and yes, I did just use the word 'oeuvre' in relation to Sylvester Stallone – it represents the end of an era; a time before the action movie became completely self-aware. Truly Demolition Man is the last hurrah for the so-called 'high-octane' one man army action movies of the mid-nineties, and it goes out with a bang, not a whimper.

  • Terribrill: MAC And Me

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th August 2011

    Forget Super 8: there was only one alien invasion movie worth seeing last night, and it didn't have a train crash in it - hell, it was a train crash.

  • Terribrill - The Quest (1996)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 19th March 2011

    Our semi-regular feature in which we do time with movies so criminal, they make Mesrine look like Mr. Jingles. In this instalment, we embark on an ill-fated voyage with Jean-Claude Van Damme's The Quest.

  • Terribrill - Congo (1995)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 17th February 2011

    Our semi-regular feature in which we pick fleas from movies so far down the evolutionary scale, they make The Hills Have Eyes look like The Hills Have iPads. In this instalment, we go apeshit for the underrated Congo.

  • Terribrill - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 3rd February 2011

    Our semi-regular feature in which we subject ourselves to movies so evil, they make Genghis Khan look like Jeremy Kyle. In this instalment we erect an out-of-this world big top for Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

  • Terribrill - Troll 2 (1990)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th January 2011

    A new semi-regular feature in which we subject ourselves to movies so incompetent, they make Frank Spencer look like Cirque du Soleil. For this terrifying instalment, we peek out from behind our cushions at the cinematic horror that is Troll 2.