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  • Six opponent suggestions for Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter 2

    Movie Feature | Matt | 17th January 2012

    Ok, we know The Fighter 2 will actually feature Micky Ward's bouts against Arturo Gatti, but I'm just saying maybe they could think outside the box a little? I mean, I'm just spitballing here...

  • The 5 expressions of Mark Wahlberg

    Movie Feature | Matt | 4th February 2011

    To celebrate the release of The Fighter in cinemas this week, here's a look at the acting talents of Marky Mark Wahlberg and his funky bunch of faces.

  • The Fighter

    Movie Review | Matt | 4th February 2011

    Here's another chance to read Matt's review of The Fighter, as it's out today. Boxing puns!

    With Marky Mark's abs on full display in almost every scene, and Christian Bale going all skinny for his art once again, it's easy to see which one is meant to be the titular fighter - or is it? After all, Bale's character is the one struggling with drug addiction throughout the whole film so maybe he is the metaphorical fighter? No, no, Marky Mark's wearing boxing gloves - it's definitely him.

  • Today in Mark Wahlberg; The Crow remake plus new Fighter trailer

    Movie News | Ali | 19th October 2010

    It's time for the latest update on everyone's favourite toehead Bostonian and his magical adventures in the world of cinema. Feel it!