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  • The Other Guys

    Movie Review | Christopher Ratcliff | 21st September 2010

    Before leaving the house this morning to see Will Ferrell's 403rd high-concept comedy this century, I quickly glanced at today's Guardian, the film and music section to be more precise, where the esteemed film critic Peter Bradshaw gave The Other Guys an unprecedented 5 stars. Gosh. Being as I want to be just like Peter Bradshaw (P-Braddy) when I does grow up, I figured I'd have to give it 5 stars too, no matter what I actually thought of the film.

  • The Other Guys teaser trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 10th April 2010

    Whaddya know? Will Ferrell still makes comedies! Even stranger, this one actually looks funny! Here's your first look at The Other Guys, the buddy cop comedy from Anchorman director Adam McKay.