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  • The 2014 movie poster mash-up you didn't know you didn't want to see

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 7th August 2014

    I'm just sayin' what everyone be thinkin', yo. (Large here).

  • The Purge: Anarchy in the UK

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 17th July 2014

    The Purge: Anarchy - known in some international territories as 'American Nightmare 2' - is released in cinemas next week, continuing to explore the best high concept horror premise in years: what if, in order to reduce crime all year round, all crime including murder was legal for one night only? It's a very American thing, having to specify that murder was included, because if there was a UK version of The Purge, the crimes the British public would commit would be small and twatty. Crimes like these...

  • Revealed: The 24 greatest unfinished Shiznit articles of 2013

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 31st December 2013

    Time for some insight into the working conditions here at Shiznit HQ, where feature ideas are abandoned daily for not being nearly as interesting/funny/cohesive as they seemed like they might be. Cast your eyes on the graveyard that was this year's unpublished drafts in the Shiznit admin, complete with the reasons why we never finished them. (Spoiler: usually it's because they're incredibly shit).

  • 2013: The year in stuff that looked like dicks

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 18th December 2013

    2013 was the most phallic movie year in modern memory - penile imagery was thrust at us from every direction and in every dimension. I'd be happy to go on record as saying this year has featured the most movies featuring stuff that looked like dicks ever. Prove me wrong: I guarantee you have far too much dignity to even try.

  • "It's X meets Y!" The 10 worst bullshit movie poster quotes

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 4th November 2013

    We all know how the game works come poster quote attribution time: the biggest bum-lickers do their best fawning in the vain hope of having their name appear on a one-sheet in 12 point Arial Bold. The right way to do it? Work hard, gain respect, write truthfully and make your words mean something. The quick way to do it? "It's [Film Everyone Likes] meets [Another Film Everyone Likes]!" BOSH. Instant microfame!

  • Movie title mash-ups

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 14th October 2013

    The idea is simple: you take one film, and you give it the title of another film, but the new title still makes sense in context. Get it? It's a 'Movie Title Mash-Up'! (Shut up, I'm hoping this will be the new 'If Movie Posters Told The Truth' because these take way less effort).

  • The Diary Of Alan Frank

    Movie Feature | Ali | 17th March 2013

    Exclusive excerpts from the diary of journalist Alan Frank, the industry's most easily-pleased film critic, written from deep inside the attic of the Daily Star's headquarters.

  • 11 most distracting movie cameos

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd January 2013

    Zero Dark Thirty is out this week, and features one of the weirdest, most distracting movie cameos we've seen in years. The only way it could be weirder is if Graham Norton played a Navy SEAL. Here are the parts we can't believe they filled with those guys.

  • 9 worst movie lines of 2012

    Movie Feature | Matt | 2nd January 2013

    It's 2013! A new year of wonderful movies to look forward to, so full of potential and promise. Or we could just point and laugh at last year's films again? Yeah, let's do that.

  • Top 20 movies of 2012

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Luke, Ed, Rob | 31st December 2012

    2012! The Jubilee! The Olympics! Barack Obama was re-elected! What a year! Also some films came out, and some of them were quite good, which is why we're here.