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  • Alternative ads for MUBI, the streaming service that thinks you're a prick

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 30th July 2018

    Before today, every mention I've ever heard of MUBI - the streaming service that specialises in independent films and classics - has been positive. Now, thanks to a snobbish new ad campaign, MUBI is a service that's even more despised than Amazon Prime. THAN AMAZON PRIME. You guys need a new marketing spin and I'm more than happy to help.

  • Top 20 scenes of 2014: 10-1

    Movie Feature | | 30th December 2014

    Here it is, the culmination of an entire year of sitting in front of a screen to watch movies and then sitting in front of a smaller screen to then write about those movies. These 10 scenes are the best that 2014 had to offer, although obviously that's just my opinion, but even more obviously it's my blog, so if you don't like it you can go and read WhatCulture or something you philistine.

  • Top 20 scenes of 2014: 20-11

    Movie Feature | | 29th December 2014

    Hello loyal readers and congratulations for making it to the final stages of 2014: all that remains is to square off with the grimly inevitable end-of-year boss.

  • Revealed: The 24 greatest unfinished Shiznit articles of 2013

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 31st December 2013

    Time for some insight into the working conditions here at Shiznit HQ, where feature ideas are abandoned daily for not being nearly as interesting/funny/cohesive as they seemed like they might be. Cast your eyes on the graveyard that was this year's unpublished drafts in the Shiznit admin, complete with the reasons why we never finished them. (Spoiler: usually it's because they're incredibly shit).

  • Top 20 movies of 2013

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Neil Alcock, Matt Looker, Luke Whiston, Ed Williamson | 30th December 2013

    The X Factor is finished. Santa has well and truly jogged on. The sight of mince pies makes you feel physically sick. There is nothing left to do in 2013 except indulge in pointless end-of-year lists like this one. You might as well get comfy. And get yourself a mince pie.

  • Top 20 movies of 2012

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Luke, Ed, Rob | 31st December 2012

    2012! The Jubilee! The Olympics! Barack Obama was re-elected! What a year! Also some films came out, and some of them were quite good, which is why we're here.

  • Top 20 movies of 2011

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Luke, Anna, Ed | 28th December 2011

    One year. 12 months. About 30 weeks or something. Quite a few films. It's been the best 2011 since time began, and the following 20 films are officially - or as official as something can be when presented by someone with no authority - our favourite movies of the year. Hop on board our time machine and revisit the 20 greatest films of 2011! [Time machine may just be an old chair and mostly metaphorical in nature - Ed.]

  • Top 20 movies of 2010

    Movie Feature | Ali, Matt, Anna, Luke | 30th December 2010

    Hello there. It's customary round these parts to put films in lists, simply because it's fun to do and interesting to read. I can't claim this list of our favourite movies of 2010 has even the slightest whiff of authority (I've not seen Somewhere, Carlos, Another Year, Easy A, I Am Love, The Secret In Their Eyes, Waiting For Superman or Gulliver's Travels among others) but I can say that these 20 films are the ones us humble folk at enjoyed the most this year. Scream at us in capitals in the comments if you disagree, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

  • Top 20 movies of 2009

    Movie Feature | Ali, Anna, Chris, Matt, Phyllis, Rich | 30th December 2009

    2009 will be remembered as a great year for cinema. Sci-fi underwent a renaissance the kind of which hasn't been seen since the seventies. 3D made a comeback, and Avatar almost made it worthwhile. This was a year that saw old favourites return with new polish, as well as the dawn of brave new worlds which we'll no doubt return to more than once.