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  • Comic-Con round-up: The Man Who Wasn't There

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 16th July 2012

    San Diego Comic-Con 2012 happened this weekend, and all sorts of new trailers and announcements were unveiled. I couldn't go, as the State of California requires me to be more than 200 yards away from Emily Blunt at all times. It was all a big misunderstanding: I wasn't hiding under her car; I was just looking under it for my contact lens.

  • DVD weekly: True Blood - season four

    TV Feature | Matt Looker | 22nd May 2012

    Hey, it's that thing about the girl who's in love with a vampire. No, no - the OTHER thing. Nope - not that one either. The OTH - oh, just read the title.

  • True Blood trailer surprisingly light on boning

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 16th May 2012

    Then again, it is only the first of probably two or three, so I guess the others will be crammed full of rimjobs, DPs and Voltaire's Angry Glove.

  • New series of True Blood will feature witches, of course

    TV News | Matt Looker | 27th June 2011

    Because, after vampires and werewolves, witches are next on the list of 'supernatural things everyone has heard of'.

  • True Blood: get your teeth into season four (sorry)

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 17th May 2011

    "Hello? ... Oh, hi. A couple of hundred words about the new True Blood season four promo clip? Sure, it's just ... no, but I've never actually seen it before ... What? A YouTube vid and a couple of half-arsed vampire puns will do the trick? Well then, BAT's no problem! ... What? ... No, you're right, sorry. There was no need to start straight away."

  • Best TV Vampires

    TV Feature | Alex Gregg | 3rd January 2011

    Every horror fan, young or old, have their own perception of vampires. For me, if they’re not ‘bumpy’ in the forehead region with yellowing eyes, they just ain’t cutting it as a vampire. This is coming from a die-hard Buffy fan, unsurprisingly. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of TV vampires that still get me riled up…so, in an attempt to break away from my Buffster obsession, I have generously compiled a list of my favourite (and the best!) TV vampires.

  • Snoop Dogg bloody loves TV

    TV News | Kirsty | 11th August 2010

    We all know Snoop Dogg loves his ho's and his gin and juice and whatnot.
    Did you also know that he likes nothing more than settling down with some chronic and his homies to watch soap operas and sexytime dramas?