Muppets 1, Wolfpack 0


26th May 2011

Look, it's another teaser trailer for The Muppets, this time riffing on - and therefore improving on - The Hangover: Part II.

I bloody love The Muppets and will fight anyone who doesn't share my opinion to the death. The place? The old pier. The time? Any time you like. Go ahead. Come at me, bro.

Until we see the actual proper trailer for The Muppets, we've had to make do with a mock romcom trailer for Green With Envy and now we have a Hangover take-off called The Fuzzy Pack, which would be a fairly naff gag if it didn't involve the Muppets. Kermit the Frog could be revealed as a genocidal maniac with connections to every major drug cartel in South America and I'd still be sitting there watching him, beaming like an idiot, with my eyes glazed over. Who's a froggy? You're a froggy!

In conclusion: The Hangover: Part II is rubbish, this will be brilliant.

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