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Natalie Portman

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Review: Thor: The Dark World

Posted by Ali Gray at 07:00 on 24 Oct 2013
Thor: The Dark World
"How is space?"
"Space is fine."

Isn't it nice that superhero movies don't feel the need to take themselves seriously any more? Even Thor, the superhero with the most potential to be a massive space ponce, is – for want of a better word – smashing it. The Dark Knight trilogy was brooding and brilliant, no one is disputing that, but now that Batman has been put to bed, it feels like the real fun can begin. Marvel are on a hot-streak (if you ignore Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk and shut up) and their Thor sequel sees that string of hits continue; The Dark World arrives in the same vein as Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3 i.e. laden with lots of fun, lots of laughs and so much charisma that even the minor characters matter. Who'd have thought a throwaway interaction between Thor and Kat Dennings' comic relief Darcy would end up being the funniest exchange of the movie?

The best of #ThorInLondon

Posted by Neil at 18:00 on 23 Apr 2013
The best of #ThorInLondon
The release of the first teaser for Thor: The Dark World revealed that one of the film's thrilling locations was ye olde London Town, home of this very blog what it is that you are reading. Taking my cue from this flimsy starting point, I achieved a lifelong ambition by creating a Twitter hashtag that didn't die a death within five minutes: #ThorInLondon. And then, to push my luck even further, I made a whole blog post out of it. Coming soon, Thor In London: The Movie Of The Blog Post Of The Hashtag Of The Trailer Of The Movie.

8 possible reasons Lynne Ramsay didn't show up to work

Posted by Ali at 07:00 on 20 Mar 2013
8 possible reasons Lynne Ramsay didn't show up to work
We Need To Talk About Kevin director Lynne Ramsay has shocked Hollywood by throwing in the towel on the first day of shooting on her new movie, Jane Got A Gun. Until we learn the truth, let's speculate exactly why she quit, using crudely Photoshopped images.

Just Fass, Portman and a lizardman shooting Malick's new film, no biggie

Posted by Ali at 10:00 on 12 Oct 2012
Just Fass, Portman and a lizardman shooting Malick's new film, no biggie
Nothing to see here, move along. (More pics at the Mail).

Review: Hesher

Posted by Ali at 07:00 on 05 Mar 2012
Earlier this year on one of my weekly trips to Amazon to buy DVDs I definitely don't need, I stumbled across a film that I've been waiting to hit UK cinemas for years now. Spencer Sussman's black comedy Hesher was the talk of the festival circuit in 2010, but now finds itself ungamely shunted onto DVD shelves without so much as an apologetic press release. No film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Oscar-winner Natalie Portman (star of "The Black Swan" according to the DVD cover) and Rainn Wilson deserves such a fate: Hesher deserves more than one of Matt's DVD round-ups ("I haven't seen it, but...") so here's my review in full.

Review: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D

Posted by Matt at 13:30 on 10 Feb 2012
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D
One of the most reviled films in cinema history comes to a format that is little more than a cynical cash-grab, all from a man who raped our childhoods. But fuck it, it's still Star Wars, right guys? Guys?

Review: Thor

Posted by Matt at 17:24 on 20 Apr 2011
The main problem Marvel faces in rounding up its Avengers is this introduction to the Norse God of Thunder. Can Thor exist in Iron Man's more rational world of implausible tech and high-science? Well, the question seems to be: is a near-omnipotent, hammer-wielding space Viking any less believable than a billionaire shooting lasers from his flying robot suit? As it turns out, no. They're both utterly ridiculous. Now sit back, shut up and enjoy.

Natalie Portman's Black Swan body double is kind of a b

Posted by Ali at 17:17 on 27 Mar 2011
Natalie Portman's Black Swan body double is kind of a b
The dancer who provided the moves for Black Swan has revealed that Natalie Portman didn't contribute as much as previously stated. "Wah wah wah, where's my Oscar?" she said. I'm paraphrasing, obviously.

Review: No Strings Attached

Posted by Ali at 19:42 on 02 Mar 2011
No Strings Attached
I'm not about to make apologies for No Strings Attached - it's a soulless movie with zero charm and almost no merits; a film which, if deleted from existence, wouldn't even make the smallest ripple in the space-time continuum. However, speaking from Natalie Portman's point of view, I can understand why she made it. After 12 months of hardcore ballet training for Black Swan, she just wanted to slum it. Acting opposite Ashton Kutcher is the equivalent of dropping down a year in school for someone like her.

Thor! Thor! THOR!

Posted by Ali at 22:36 on 18 Feb 2011
Thor! Thor! THOR!
In which Kenneth Branagh, cunning linguist and Shakespeare mouthpiece, resorts to showcasing topless hunks and telling Facebook jokes. This thucks.
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