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Review: Rush

Posted by Ali at 18:00 on 11 Sep 2013
It is a sad fact of life that, more often than not, the extrovert will receive attention while the introvert goes unnoticed – the loudest person in the room will overshadow the most interesting. From a distance, Ron Howard's F1 biopic Rush appears to be magnetised towards race driver/rock star James Hunt (played by undeniable hunk Chris Hemsworth) as he tussles on the track with rat-like rival Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl wearing a prosthetic overbite). Hollywood has hard-wired me to believe that beautiful rule-breakers deserve more screen time than unglamorous by-the-bookers, but I'm happy to report that Rush is a surprisingly balanced account of two men who, for two hours at least, make Formula 1 look like the most noble of gladiator sports, and not just a giant Scalextric being played by a bored millionaire.

Rush premiere cleavage swap

Posted by Ali at 15:10 on 03 Sep 2013
Rush premiere cleavage swap
Not that you can actually notice any difference.

Review: The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Posted by Neil at 07:00 on 12 Mar 2013
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
In order to raise this review to an intellectual level beyond all others, I learned the word 'prestidigitation', which means 'sleight of hand': the cunning technique by which magicians fool you into thinking you really do have a neverending supply of loose change behind your ears. That done, all I need to do now is slip it casually into my prose, like, oh, I don't know, a magician employing prestidigitation. That was pretty smooth, right? (*runs away in a puff of smoke*)

Review: People Like Us

Posted by Ed Williamson at 07:00 on 09 Nov 2012
People Like Us
It's fair to say Disney's been getting a little edgier in the films it distributes in recent years. But here's a new one on me: People Like Us, a likeable enough cookie-cutter 'douchey guy learns to be less douchey' flick, is at its core a film about incest. You heard.

Review: The Change-Up

Posted by Rob at 19:30 on 11 Sep 2011
The Change-Up
Ah, the ol' body switcharoo routine – the calling card of a writer short on ideas. Having featured in (*glances quickly at Wikipedia*) 38 different movies (!), it's safe to say the body swap schtick has been well and truly done to death.

Review: Cowboys & Aliens

Posted by Ali at 22:29 on 12 Aug 2011
Cowboys & Aliens
In his role as executive producer, Cowboys & Aliens represents Steven Spielberg's fourth alien movie this year, after Super 8, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and his cameo in Paul (and that's not mentioning his TV series, Falling Skies). Throw in the rest of the year's extra-terrestrial activity (get bent, Battle LA) and it's no surprise the genre is starting to look a little fatigued. More Western than sci-fi, Cowboys & Aliens at least has a hook, but when push comes to shove comes to "we have to destroy the invaders' conveniently accessible power source", it's Just Another Alien Movie like all the rest.

Review: The Next Three Days

Posted by Ali at 22:51 on 23 Dec 2010
The Next Three Days
The Next Three Days is kind of a throwback to the classic action movies Hollywood put out in the mid-nineties - the 'one man versus the world' era of thrillers, in which lantern-jawed heroes like Harrison Ford or Mel Gibson fight to save their family against improbable odds and injustice. At one point, the lead character - a stoic, possibly stubbled everyman forced into action against his will - is likely to growl "Give me back my wife" or something, before killing eight thousand terrorists in the name of love. Brilliant.

Review: Tron: Legacy

Posted by Matt at 16:52 on 05 Dec 2010
Tron: Legacy
I love Tron. So much so that, when I was growing up, 'lightcycle' featured regularly on my Christmas list (just below 'lightsaber' and just above 'Glaive'). But no amount of blind childhood adoration can escape the fact that the concept of the film doesn't hold up well to closer inspection. In that respect, this sequel is the perfect follow-up because it makes just as much sense i.e. it's utter bobbins.

New Tron poster is a bit sexy

Posted by Ali at 21:34 on 19 Oct 2010
New Tron poster is a bit sexy
Look at it. Go on. With your eyes and everything.

Tron Legacy trailer #2 confirms animators still can't do mouths

Posted by Ali at 20:42 on 23 Jul 2010
Tron Legacy trailer #2 confirms animators still can't do mouths
Check out the second teaser trailer for Tron Legacy, which confirms that no matter how advanced CG technology gets, animated characters should just keep their goddamn mouths shut.
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