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Can't Wait To See: Trance
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David Bowie's not dead
OMG of course thank you for this. What about that scene in A Knight's Tale where Heath Ledger teaches people to dance to Golden Years? It was so full of joyyyy

This is how the trailer for Brick Mansions credits Luc Besson
Sorry America but this means war

Now You See Me
Is it aliens? Like the ones in that Indiana Jones movie? Does their magic come from aliens?

Much Ado About Nothing
Great pun although I now wish you'd written this review in actual iambic pentathingy

Suitwatch: Robert Downey Jr has lost his damn mind
What city was that in? Because lederhosen can lead to diplomatic incidents to which even the RDJ has no remedy.

If the new Star Trek poster was as subtle as the new Star Trek trailer
Au contraire, Luke. I'm saying maybe this scene is hinting at a lot more than just sex. Something heavy and powerful in symbolism, like the passing of towels or the lack of deodorant.

If the new Star Trek poster was as subtle as the new Star Trek trailer
I'm very curious about the actual scene because in the trailer, she looks like she's asking someone to pass her a towel or some deodorant

Wouldn't a realistic found footage film be great? Like, when the shit starts hitting the fan, the guy filming drops the camera and then, maybe another person finds it and starts filming some other stuff so, idk, he/she doesn't feel alone in the shitstorm. And then he drops it, or dies, and then again and again.

Les Misérables
Is that Gavroche? Or Enjolras? Did you laugh when they died? HOW COULD YOU. That's why revolutions fail, damn you.

Sweet mother of Christ, doesn't Adrien Brody have an Oscar? What the hell happened?
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